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Creative Optic – established in 2016 in Toronto, Canada is an artist collective and community that specializes in described creative expression through photography, video, music and fashion. Originally created to fill a void for urban photography, Creative Optic has grown into an ambidextrous displacement of all art forms that unites thousands in the name of creativity from across the world.  We are a multi-faceted movement that meaningfully connects hundreds of thousands of creatives  from around the world.

Justin Sean
Justin Sean
A self- taught photographer – Justin began photography on August, 25 2016 in Toronto, Canada and he has always made a point to create an image that expresses the creative characteristics of who he is. Overtime Justin trained his naked eye for photography, having previously developed creative outlets of all sorts and kinds throughout his life. Justin is an experiential traveller who has always been keen on capturing the finest moments through his original perspective. His love for travel, fashion, art, and music has seen him tour the world and he continues to keep the frisson of ‘living-on-the-edge’ alive through his selective work worldwide as his perception of the world has always been different from others. As a photographer, he has made it his responsibility to exercise his perception through the focus of the lens of his camera. 
As the founder of Creative Optic, Justin is a 27 year old photographer who learns new things at every moment, sharing all that he knows with others. Creativity is his mantra as he insists it be the center of what everyone does. Born in the french-speaking province of Montreal, Canada and raised in Toronto, Justin life revolves a lot around creating through a different angle whats expected. 
Victor Lozano
Victor Lozano

is a multi-disciplinary creative, born and raised in Chicago within a family of artists.

Founder of Sense Media, and co-partner of Creative Optic, his design journey started at the age of 13, working at his aunt’s sign shop in North Side, Chicago.

When Victor isn’t busy creating visual stories for his clients, he enjoys traveling and exploring culture. From food to lifestyle, he embraces the potential for inspiration and knowledge that comes with stepping out of your front door.

Since the start of his career Victor has worked with several clients and agencies, running in-house departments, and collaborating with many small businesses and start-ups. Now a business owner himself, Victor has developed an appetite for working with start-ups. Alongside running Sense Media, Victor is a freelance designer and consultant for other agencies. His invaluable business knowledge combined with his adventurous approach to creating contemporary, relevant design, creates ambitious partnerships that thrive on being on the same page.

Victor is also a passionate teacher who loves to inspire potential in those who he works with. His extensive skillset allows him to work alongside clients and colleagues to creatively problem solve, relishing the opportunity to work with those who are as devoted to their trade as Victor is to his craft.

Aakaash Bali
Aakaash Bali
My name is Aakaash. Some people call me Adam for short, or “Kaash” sometimes. 

I was born in New York City on a cold October day. I grew up in Queens, NY spending most of my childhood drawing, being fascinated by movies, and watching 90’s cartoons (because we all did, right?)

One day, my father brought home a 35mm Minolta film camera. He’d basically follow me around taking pictures of me because I was his one and only kid. When I turned 10, I conveniently took his camera and started taking pictures of people’s expressions, patterns, colors, and anything that told visual story. It became a bit of an obsession. 

I focused solely on my photography skills until I was around 14. At that age, I picked up a very early version of Photoshop and spent hours each day drawing, painting, and sketching. Once I bought my first professional digital camera, I started editing the images I shot. I practiced until I figured out how to make a great image even better. 

At 18, I began privately teaching photography and Photoshop. By then, I had a business up and running. I continuously drew inspiration from movies and real-life moments. I started observing color, light, and how the two worked together to evoke a certain emotion.  

Over the years, I taught myself more and more about the one thing I was passionate about. My photography and Photoshop became my life. To this day, the passion never once faded. If anything, it grows bigger each day. 

I try and create images in ways that they seem cinematic and emotional. I suppose “emotionally driven photographs” describes my work pretty well. I’ve been able to adapt this style to a few different genres of photography.

Combining photography and editing to create stories has become my goal.

Other than that, I’m a pretty simple person. I enjoy art, cinema, driving, exploring, and cooking. I love meeting new people and building lifelong friendships. I love creating photographs that people hold close for years to come. 

Maurice Kedziora
Maurice Kedziora
Hi people here Maurice Kedziora mostly known as @jaws.visuals on Instagram, I’m gonna tell you today a few of facts about me:

I’ve started photography two years ago and throw first landscape pictures I’ve discovered later the magic of architecture and streets in a city. I’m now also shooting portraits of people to showcase the complexity of feelings of human in the actual world and its beauty.

I hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming content made by me and by the CO team. We definitely look forward to have you around the corner in future !

Pablo Cusiné
Pablo Cusiné
Hi there! 

My name is Pablo and I’m 36 yo. I’m a father, husband and life enthusiast! My journey in Photography started back in 2007 when I bought a Nikon D50 and started learning all the ins and outs, along with editing software like Photoshop. As years passed, I upgraded to Canon 40D, Canon 5D mkII and now, Fuji X-T2. I just love that little thing!

Professionally, I have my day job, not related to photography at all. I’ve done little jobs here and there (photography related) and now, I also do weddings at a friend’s business.

I tried lots of styles and had a hard time finding my own one. Thanks to instagram I think I have found the one that better defines me and I feel comfortably doing. Being a father and having a 9-18h 6 job, the time to do photography is really short. So I always carry the camera with me. I wanna be prepared for whatever it happens! 

Now, grab the cam and go shooting! 😉

Julian Lallo
Julian Lallo

My name is Julian Lallo and I’m a lifestyle photographer from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been shooting for the last two years & would classify my style as ever-evolving. 

Currently my focus is in portraiture & nature photography – but my beginnings were in street & cityscape. Up until six months ago photography was just a hobby; a new-found passion, with the odd paid gig on the side. I have since gone part time in my sales role to further pursue my photography in the hope to one day take it full time. 

Since taking this step I have been blessed to work with some amazing brands and organisations including an ambassadorial role with Canon Australia – as busy as I get with work though, I never neglect a weekly road trip to clear my head and keep the creativity flowing.

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